Heritage BIM

Project duration 3 years starting January 2020, funded by TUBITAK (600 000),

This project examines how “Building Information Modelling” (BIM) could be developed automatically from the point cloud data to address the challenges of the Heritage Sector (HBIM) for smart heritage building maintenance and management for sustainability and resilience against the manmade and natural disasters.

Thus, the research aim is to develop a HBIM (Heritage Building Information Modelling) system for smart heritage management and maintenance for smart documentation, interpretation, conceptualisation and representation of context-rich and complex historical buildings and associated spatio-temporal information for better exploitation of the Turkey’s cultural heritage.

There is currently a significant gap in research and practice on how HBIM could be developed automatically and applied in the context of preserving heritage values and significance, performance measurement and simulation of heritage buildings such as energy performance simulation, 4D (3D+Time) simulation of maintenance planning, cost simulation and historic value simulation.

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