X-ray Photoabsorption of Silicon Atom

Photoabsorption Cross Section for Silicon Atom in the X-Ray Region

In this project, we aim to calculate the X-ray photoabsorption cross section of neutral silicon at the K-edge theoretically. To our knowledge, the cross section of neutral silicon has not been studied earlier theoretically nor experimentally. This cross section will help astrophysics society to model their X-ray observations in the region of Si K-edge absorption features.

Modelling and interpretation of high-resolution spectroscopic observations from Chandra X-ray Observatory and European Space Agency’s X-Ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton) space-based satellite telescopes depends on the availability of the photoabsorption cross section for the relevant atom causing the absorption. The photo absorption cross section of neutral silicon atom in the X-ray region have been theoretically calculated by using state-or-art R-matrix method. Calculated cross section results* can be downloaded below and can be used with the permission for modelling purpose.

M. Fatih Hasoglu acknowledges the support of TUBUTAK grant #116F378

Figure: Calculated cross sections with the inclusion of and without the Auger broadening effects.

Cross Sections*: Binding energy in our calculations is predicted as 0.633421Ry.

*M. F Hasoglu and T. W. Gorczyca, “X-ray Absorption of Atomic Silicon at the K-edge”, The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 2018 (In Preparation).


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  • Project Name:X-ray Photoabsorption of Silicon Atom

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