Vision Based Smart Wheelchair Project

Navigating within an unknown indoor or outdoor environment using an electric wheelchair is a challenging task, especially if the user suffers from severe disabilities. In order to reduce fatigability and increase autonomy, control architectures have to be designed that would assist users in smart wheelchair.

Thus, we need an intelligent wheelchair that has to distinguish between safe and hazardous regions. Hence, we present an embedded system that controls the smart wheelchair. This vision-based autonomous navigation in an electric wheelchair capable of following corridors, move to goal and obstacle avoidance. Visual features extracted from camera on raspberry pi and image processing is used here.

Then, these informations are send to embedded micro controller. This controller produces control signals that controls the electric wheelchair autonomously. Robust behaviour of the designed system, control schemes and image processing is given with details in the next chapters.

Finally, this smart wheelchair is used for assisting disabled. Outcome of this project provides more easy life for the disabled person.

Project Information
  • Project Name:Smart Wheelchair
  • Budget:4000 TL
  • Room:MF103

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