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Construction IT and Management


Mission and Goals

The construction IT and management research group aims to develop and implement advanced construction ICT solutions and management models that improve the quality and service life of buildings and the built environment infrastructures.

Undertaking R&D projects, building capacity for successful ICT use and implementation and knowledge & technology transfer with the construction industry are the high priorities for the Construct IT research group. Our scope includes but not limited to:

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Requirements Engineering for Computer Integrated Construction
  • 3D Laser Scanner Technology
  • Sustainable Urban Regeneration and Built Environment
  • Energy Efficiency and Management
  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Future Workspaces


1.BIM for Digital Design and Construction: (Sept 2017-Sept.2019,funded by TUBITAK). Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working methodology, underpinned by the digital technologies which unlock more efficient methods of designing, delivering and maintaining physical built assets. This research addresses the challenge of how BIM adoption and implementation can be possible in Turkish construction industry to be a knowledge based sector within a knowledge based economy while the BIM use is becoming mature in the developed countries

BIM Based Design and Construction      vs     Traditional Design and  Construction


2.RetrofitBIM Resarcher Links (April 2016), funded by British Council (£32K), This research engagement focused on how Housing Retrofit focused Building Information Modelling (ReBIM) can address key existing housing challenges in: environmental sustainability (energy efficiency, CO2, lifecycle cost); social sustainability (health and quality of life); and physical sustainability (earthquake / flood resilience).


3. Heritage BIM Project 

Project duration 3 years starting January 2020, funded by TUBITAK (600 000),

This project examines how “Building Information Modelling” (BIM) could be developed automatically from the point cloud data to address the challenges of the Heritage Sector (HBIM) for smart heritage building maintenance and management for sustainability and resilience against the manmade and natural disasters.

Thus, the research aim is to develop a HBIM (Heritage Building Information Modelling) system for smart heritage management and maintenance for smart documentation, interpretation, conceptualisation and representation of context-rich and complex historical buildings and associated spatio-temporal information for better exploitation of the Turkey’s cultural heritage.

There is currently a significant gap in research and practice on how HBIM could be developed automatically and applied in the context of preserving heritage values and significance, performance measurement and simulation of heritage buildings such as energy performance simulation, 4D (3D+Time) simulation of maintenance planning, cost simulation and historic value simulation.


  • Building Information Modelling for lifecycle management
  • BIM for Health and safety
  • BIM and GIS Integration for Smart Urban Planning
  • BIM for Facilities management
  • BIM and Big Data Integration for Smart Cities Infrastructure
  • Green Construction and Sustainability via BIM
  • Construction Management
  • Heritage Building Information Modelling
  • 3D Laser Scanning


Contact Information
Prof. Dr. Yusuf ARAYICI
Group Lead
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  • Yesilkent Mahallesi, Havaalani Yolu Üzeri 8 Km., 27410 Sahinbey/Gaziantep
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Research Group Members

Res. Asst. Mehmet SAKIN

Res. Asst. Mehmet SAKIN

Areas of Expertise/Interest: BIM (Building Information Modelling), Construction Management,...